Which venues first come to mind when you think about the greatest events anywhere in the world? One of those venues that springs to mind has to be the Folly Theater. The Folly Theater has been delivering some of the greatest events the world has ever seen for years, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. This cathedral for live events has brought some of the best new talent seasoned veterans through its Kansas City doors to entertain their loyal customers. So if you want to join a capacity crowd in one of the most loved venues in the country, pick your tickets here today and sit back and enjoy the show.

Folly Theater is one of the most popular venues in Missouri, tickets always sell out fast. And with such high anticipation around the most recent events which have been announced we recommend booking as early as possible to avoid any disappointment and securing the best seats possible.

If you would like to view our ticket policies and associated ticket benefits you can find these below. If you want to view the Folly Theater schedule or purchase tickets, simply click the buy tickets button.

Folly Theater tickets

Tickets provided by Ticket Squeeze.

We would like to introduce you to our new ticketing partner, Ticket Squeeze!

Ticket Squeeze is a giant of the ticketing industry and is known as one of the most reliable and efficient ticketing systems around. Which is the exact reason we’ve teamed up to improve our customers overall booking experience for all events at the Folly Theater. No longer do you need to search the internet for the cheapest tickets to your most loved events, because Ticket Squeeze provides an easy to use platform to check out all of your favorite events all in one place.

Unfortunately in the current ticketing industry, there is always a struggle to find authenticity from ticket providers and often buyers aren’t sure whether their tickets are going to be 100% legitimate. These providers of counterfeit tickets often advertise an impossibly low price, making it hard for buyers to not snap up such a good deal, with the legitimate providers charging considerably more money for their tickets. Well stress no longer, because with Ticket Squeeze, we guarantee you will be provided with the best possible ticket prices with 100% complete authenticity. All you have to do is select your chosen event, pick the best seats you can find, and by booking directly through the http://www.kansascitytheaterhall.com website you are guaranteed complete authenticity as well as receiving all the added benefits below.

Please note, if you make your purchase through any other website, we cannot guarantee authenticity of tickets.

Folly Theater ticket guarantee

On-time delivery, every time

As a team built full of event lovers, we understand there is nothing quite as stressful as waiting until the day before the event to receive your tickets (or even worse receiving them on the day). The panic of whether you’re even going to receive your Folly Theater tickets in time is absolutely gut-wrenching. So we say, no more. We make sure that when you purchase your tickets, they will be delivered on time, every time. No more stressing waiting for deliveries, just sit back, relax and rest assured that your tickets are guaranteed to be on time.

Downloadable ticket option

When you’ve been searching for weeks to find the best seats at the best price for your favorite live events, we understand this often becomes a last-minute scramble. But Ticket Squeeze, appreciate this and try to make your life that little bit easier. How? Well, they make sure that if you are purchasing tickets last-minute (like so many of our customers do), we they give you the option to have a downloadable ticket which means you no longer need to go through the hassle of printing a paper copy to take with you to the event. So, if you find a particular date you need free, or an event you want to go see, then rest assured you won’ have to go through the last minute stress of locating a printer, downloading the ticket, and then printing it sometimes just hours before the event. Simply charge your phone and bring it with you to Folly Theater in Kansas City, then focus on the incredible event you’re about to experience.

The tickets you ordered or better

We know that attending events at The Folly Theater is made even more memorable when you can enjoy it with your friends and family members beside you. There’s nothing better than being in the crowd with your loved ones. We therefore offer all of our tickets available to suit a group friendly setting – so that you can buy with confidence. When making your purchase, just select the desired number of tickets for the amount for the people in your group. There’s no need to worry about being separated when you take your seats, if you making a booking for the entirety of your group, rest assured you will be allocated seats that are together.

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Has the worst ever happened to you? You’ve booked tickets to see your favorite live event which you’ve waited months or even maybe years to see, only for it to get cancelled or postponed last minute? Well sometimes, this happens. As fans ourselves we understand this is a horrible feeling, however sometimes things are out of anyone’s control. But we thought, is there anything we can do to make this horrible feeling a little bit better? This is the exact moment we set in place a cancellation and refund policy so that you know you are covered if there are any changes at all to the event date. So long as you made your purchase via Ticket Squeeze, your tickets will be automatically activated ready to be used for the rescheduled date (so keep hold of it!). In the unusual case that the event has been cancelled altogether, don’t worry – a full refund will be automatically issued into the account which you purchased your tickets with, so there’s no need to get in touch, the full refund will be returned straight into your account.

100% Buyer Protection

As a team of event-lovers, we know that the most important thing when booking tickets to your favorite shows and events is security. With so many unreliable and unfortunately often counterfeit websites, making sure your tickets are legitimate and all of your information is safe is vital. That’s why we work with only the best providers to make sure you and your purchase are protected at all times. We guarantee a 100% Buyer Protection scheme so that you are covered at all times. You can rest assured that your information will be used appropriately according to all GDPR guidelines, and your purchase will be 100% secure. After all, our customers are our business, and here at Ticket Squeeze we always have the customers best interest at heart. We hope you purchase with us and in return we will provide you with the greatest ticket buying experience you can get.

PLEASE NOTE: The above guarantees are ONLY for tickets purchased with our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase your Folly Theater tickets elsewhere we cannot make the same guarantees. If in doubt, ALWAYS check the price and read any ticket terms & conditions thoroughly to ensure the tickets are 100% authentic.