Sweet Honey In The Rock at Folly Theater

Sweet Honey In The Rock Tickets

Folly Theater | Kansas City, Missouri

You better change up your timetables because Sweet Honey In The Rock on Friday 3rd March 2023 is coming to Folly Theater. Genuinely this will be the show of a lifetime, and we can tell because our servers have been working overtime dealing with the rush of ticket buying activities. Sadly, tickets are now in low supply, so be sure to grab your tickets now before they run out or somebody else will be having all the fun while you’re stuck at home.

Sweet Honey In The Rock at Folly Theater

This event will have everything you could possibly expect and you really do have to give it up to the Folly Theater who have been working around the clock to get the event ready. What are we talking about? Well, it is the one-of-a-kind, Sweet Honey In The Rock happening on Friday 3rd March 2023. So, what can you expect? You can expect to see impressive visuals and an auditory encounter that is beyond the normal.

Of course, we can’t forget the performance which is truly out of this world, featuring a who’s who of the biz. Kansas City, Missouri also has some world-class facilities, so as well as all of the above, you can expect those creature comforts that will make your time out more memorable. You will only have a few problems, one what to wear and two, whether to arrive on time or fashionably late.

You truly don't want to lose out on this once in a lifetime event, but you will if you don't grab your tickets right here because so many of them have been sold already. So don't wait, our page only has a limited amount available.

Sweet Honey In The Rock at Folly Theater

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