Alexa Tarantino Quartet at Folly Theater

Alexa Tarantino Quartet Tickets

Folly Theater | Kansas City, Missouri

Alexa Tarantino Quartet

Are you trying to find the perfect jazz event? Saturday 11th November 2023, Alexa Tarantino Quartet are stopping in your town on a leg of this years US tour, for a joyous night of awe inspiring jazz music, performed by highly skilled artists. Playing at the epic Folly Theater, Kansas City, Missouri for the biggest night you'll have in 2023! Will you be part of the big night this fall? Then look no further, easily, follow the link on this page immediately! November is going to be extra special this year!

In November, on Saturday 11th November 2023, Alexa Tarantino Quartet will be performing at Folly Theater, in Kansas City,
Missouri! Don't miss out on your chance to see the unbelievable Alexa Tarantino Quartet live in Missouri!!

Situated in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Folly Theater has a long history of showcasing the most iconic jazz legends. Alexa Tarantino Quartet will make a stop at the iconic venue on Saturday 11th November 2023 for a mesmerising live performance that will take the fans away in the authentic and sophisticated history of jazz. The patrons can also pick their meals from a mouthwatering menu while enjoying refined cocktails and the top-class entertainment on stage. What’s more, the vintage and soothing ambiance will surely suggest a sense of conversing with the jazz spirits of the past. If you’ve made up your mind, already reaching for the Buy Ticket button - Folly Theater will be waiting with doors wide open.

This fall, spoil yourself and your family by buying tickets to one of the incredible concerts available at the unbelievable Folly Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.

Alexa Tarantino Quartet at Folly Theater

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